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Following the needs of our clients and matching them with our possibilities, we went this time a step further, and we present you a new type of diopter HEXACORR lens.
HEXACORR lenses are characterized by two inseparable


✔ A Specially integrated hexagram mesh on the surface of the lens. 
✔ Purpose designed optical surface synchronized with the required diopter and hexacorr mesh.

HEXACORR lenses through its surface only allows the parallel rays.

Leaking exclusively parallel rays through the lens it reduces direct discomfort on the retina and eye lens that can be caused by passing disperse light beams.
Also, the targeted eye muscle will remain in a relaxed state after long-term exposure to unnatural conditions such as artificial light, strong flash flashes, night driving (especially in bad weather conditions) and after long-term exposure to EMI radiation.

HEXACORR lenses are primarily intended to preserve the health of vision and elimination unnecessary straining of eye muscle for user:

✔ who spend a lot of time reading and writing during the day.
✔ Who use the computer for more than 3 hours
✔ Who often drive for a long time at night
✔ That are excessively exposed to artificial light
✔ Who have weakened accommodation
✔ Precise, clear ans sharp vision
✔ No peripheral image distortion
✔ Eliminate muscle strain and reduce dry eye effects
✔ Control of scattered ray 
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