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Improve you vision and protect your eyes at the same time!
Modern living, use of modern technologies and devices, makes our lives much easier and saves time and energy, but modern technologies also require changes in the way we are protecting our body.
Since we are moving away from the old way of living with each day, finishing later with our daily workload and expose ourselves to night lights, i.e. artificial lighting, we are quickly accepting contemporary lifestyle.

Because of these changes in our daily lives, it is necessary to change the way we are protecting our bodies as well. With that in mind, we have decided to continue with monitoring our clients’ requests and needs, and we have produced new protective filter, to be applied to the lens and provide adequate protection for your eyes.

Ophthalmic associations state that 70-75% of people who work on computers, being exposed to artificial blue light for more than two hours in a day, have vision problems.

Long-term emission and effect of artificial blue light on human body is one of the factors that drastically impair person’s health, primarily the eyes, because they are directly exposed to the effect.

Namely, the new type of active screens on devices we are using on a daily basis, night street lights, artificial lighting indoors, lights used in automotive industry, they all emit spectrum of light different from the naturally balanced spectrum our body was adapted to during evolution.

Wide spectrum of blue light, emitted all around us, causes complete degeneration of visual cells (short wavelength light damages cells and metabolic processes of our eye), which build up inside the eye, leading to cataract.

Moreover, the effect of blue light is directly connected to melatonin hormone secretion, which regulates our body’s rhythm of life. Excessive or insufficient secretion of this hormone leads to hormonal imbalance.

Under the influence of artificial blue light, our body continues to secret daily hormones, including the stress hormone.

If we disturb our biological clock, which determines rest time for our body and brain, we will begin to suffer from many problems and illnesses, like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, overweight, insomnia, depression and many others. Let’s not forget that our productivity at home and at work is higher when our body and our brain can rest in a natural way.

Having in mind all the factors and influences we have mentioned, we have developed new protective filter, which protects our body from the effects of blue light – BLUE Glide.
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