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Personal – Individual is the new design of progressive lenses made with Free Form technology with significant improvement of visual fields in the areas of long distance and near vision, it is characterized by aspheric-atoric inner surface of the lens and digital processing. Aspheric-atoric inner surface lenses get extremely high utilization of the visual fields.

Personal – Individual is also adapted to the first holders with no experience in dealing with progressive lenses. slightly balanced in the transition from long distance to near vision. Very suitable for young presbyopics and for those in a mature age.

Possibility to calculate the visual field with the integration of the individual parameters, makes this progressive lens personalized for each user

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Advance Lenses
Advance is a new generation of progressive lens designed for users looking for easy adaptation without astigmatic disturbances in the peripheral zones and a high quality of vision. This lens design is adapted for everybody activities and needs of contemporary presbyopic.

With digitization of the production process, it`s obtained maximum performance in controlling prescription values in a progressive area designated for work
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