Superior Lanses

The closest to the natural vision like never before!
The use of progressive lenses with the comfort that you could not imagine!
New Schneider progressive lens Superior with Dual Surface technology (DST)
  • Superior is personal progressive lens that will allow presbyopics naturally focus on different distances with much wider visual field.
  • Unlike previous free form progressive lenses, which are based on the creation of visual fields inside the lens, Dual Surfacing technology has gone one step further and enable us to create progressive surface to the inside and the outside of the lens.
  • Superior is the first personal lens made in Schneider’s laboratory using DST technology.
  • DST technology is reflected in the distribution of prescription powers on the front and back surface of the lens. In this way we get Superior progressive lens with a 50% wider field of view.
  • Superior progressive lens is designed for all presbyopics and especially for those who want:
1. MORE (wider fields of vision without limitation),
2. BETTER (more advanced than previous progressive lenses) and
3. FASTER (currently getting used without adaptation period)!
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